Filling in the Application Form

  • It will take on average 45 days between receipt of completed application form and the decision of the SDF Board. Applicant should therefore not expect to get a formal decision from the SDF before 46 days after submitting their application.
  • If more space is required to submit information, this can be written on additional sheets of paper and attached to the application form
  • The project will be rated based on the following criteria, and points awarded up to the maximum listed (see table below).
  • For projects to be considered for funding a minimum score of 60 points is required.


ItemDetailsMax Points
Land Tenure Need to show that the permission has been granted to use the land for the project for a minimum of 10 years 25
Project Impact Indicate how this project will impact the community 20
Management Indicate what management systems will be put in place to ensure the security and sustainability of the project 25
Source of Funding Will there be any other source of funding for the project 15
Investigators Review Based on the inspection of site and assessment of project 15
maximum points 100

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