Project Maps - Introduction & Guide

Welcome to the SDF’s Project Maps Gallery. The Project Maps show graphical information in a dynamic / interactive web-based format of the sport infrastructure projects completed by the Foundation since inception to present. Our sports infrastructure projects include components such as:

  • Playfields
  • Multipurpose courts
  • Clubhouses
  • Seating and
  • Lighting


Sports Infrastructure  projects have been undertaken at various Communities, Schools, Churches and National sports venues in all parishes through Jamaica. The data also includes the funds spent to undertake each project at each location.


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Looking for information on SDF's contribution? Alphabetically select and view our dynamic/interactive web-based map.

Locate multipurpose courts, playfields, clubhouses, walls and fences, lighting, seating facilities, cricket pitches.

See our contribution to sports throughout the 14 parishes of Jamaica.

Find projects by Communities, Schools, Churches, Correctional services, etc.

Since 1996 to present we have been contributing to the National development of Sports.

From Cornwall, through Middlesex, to Surrey view the contributions made.


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