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On behalf of the Directors of Jamaica Blind and Visually Impaired Cricket Assn, I wish to thank you for your support over the years . Securing sponsors for this up coming Bilateral Development Tour August 2023 is important , as we face the daunting challenges of financial assistance. Your support of $ 750'000 is a vote of confidence in our mission. Thank you so much for your repeated contributions. We can only do what we do because of organization like SDF, so please accept our heartfelt thanks . Sincerely Heather Francis/ Tournament Director Sincerely,
Heather Francis
Jamaica Blind and Visually Impaired Cricket Assn (JAVICA)

On behalf of the Denbigh High School family I hereby extend sincere thanks to you for your donations of $200,000.00 towards financing jerseys and other supplies for the Track & Field team to enter the ISSA Boys and Girls Athletic Championship.

Your kind gesture demonstrates your interest in our well-being and the overall growth and development of our students; it also demonstrates caring capital that is well needed to help our country to grow.

We cannot overstate our deep appreciation for your donation and trust that you will continue to partner with us.

We wish for you Gods richest blessings.

Jeffrey Douglas
Acting Principal / Denbigh High School

Please accept my sincerest thanks and those of our entire Organizing Committee for your contribution to the Racers Grand Prix 2023.

You have allowed us after a three-year absence to bring back to Jamaica the highest quality of athletic performances from some of the world's best athletes. You have enabled Jamaican spectators who love track and field to enjoy an evening of top-class entertainment; and they have been very enthusiastic in their commendation.

For this we owe you a big "Thank You!"

We look forward to your continued collaboration and support in the future.

Glen Mills
Chairman, Organizing Committee / Racers Grand Prix

On behalf of the Board of The MultiCare Youth Foundation (MYF), I wish to express heartfelt appreciation to the Sports Development Foundation for the very generous continued grant support of JA$2.8M towards the work of The MYF, specifically the maintenance and upkeep of the Breezy Castle Sports Centre on Harbour Street, Kingston. We apologise most sincerely for this very tardy thank you note.

The Breezy Castle Sports facility, as you know, is a special benefit to members of the Parade Gardens and surrounding communities who are afforded use of the facility – the only true green space in downtown Kingston - as their sporting home ground and for recreational use at no cost.

As always, we commit to the judicious management and reporting of grant funds and activities for which they are utilized.

Alicia Glasgow Gentles
Executive Director / MultiCare youth Foundation

On behalf of the Eastern Secondary Schools Sports Association I would like to express sincere gratitude for the immense contribution you have made by sponsoring Four Hundred Thousand Dollars ($400,000.00) to our Annual Eastern Champs. It has served to assist our rural athletes in their ambitions to impact school, family and nation in a positive way.

We are greatly appreciative of your contribution to youth development and wish for your Foundation immense success in its future endeavours.

Jullett Frazer-Sadaar
President / Eastern Secondary Schools Sports Association

The administration, teachers, students and parents of the Whitfield Primary and Infant School would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your contribution to our Institution.

Your contribution is welcome and appreciated. We would like to thank you for your assistance which will be used to make our vision a success.

Thank you!

Karen Powell
Principal / Whitfield Primary and Infant School

Thank you for your support of King of the Ring 2023 - Throws-Only Meet. It was an incredible experience to witness athletes from across the island show off their strength and agility as they threw themselves into the competition with tenacity and fervour. All competitors displayed a sense of sportsmanship that made for an inspiring atmosphere, full of camaraderie and passionate support. The rings of Excelsior remain a happy hunting ground for Jamaica’s discus throwers.

On February 11th at the 18th staging of the King of the Ring Traves Smikle threw the world lead of 68.14m in the men's discus, finishing second in the event was World Championship silver medallist Fedrick Dacres with a season’s best of 66.32m with Olympic finalist Chad Wright 3rd also with a season’s best of 59.74m.  The meet was highlighted by some sterling performances.  With over 600 entries, King of the Ring is undoubtedly the largest ‘Throws Only’ meet in the Caribbean and possibly the world.   It was largely supported by most of the throws fraternity in Jamaica and continues to be an incubator for the next generation of Jamaican throwers. 

We are grateful for your products and promotions which helped make this event possible and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership in the future.

Michael Vassell
Throwers R' Us

Karate is still being classified as a minor sport and doesn't get the kudos or hype that the more popular sports such as football, track and field, netball do.

But two organizations that continue to give great support to karate in Jamaica are the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) and the Sports Development Foundation (SDF).

These two bodies have been extremely supportive of our Karate teams in their endeavour for advanced training and participation in overseas qualification tournaments.

These teams have achieved much success and it wouldn't have been possible without the JOA and the SDF.

Nuff respect and gratitude to both.

Tony Robinson
President / Seido Karate Jamaica

On behalf of the Western Relays organizing committee, thank you and the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) for the tremendous support to the tune of Two Million Dollars in 2022 - a year of great need due to the lack of a title or major sponsor. The situation remains the same, hence we ask for your support again to make this very important track and field calendar event a reality.

A modified (to meet the Covid-19 protocols) but successful Western Relays was held last year. Over forty' thousand persons watched the livestream" of the meet which received extensive media coverage in the traditional media, as well associal media and the internet.

The support of the SDF made all the difference and is highly appreciated. Western Relays represents the best of the West and should be allowed to continue to showcase the best that Jamaica has to offer in terms of Meet Management and Athlete performance. It is scheduled to be held at GC Foster College once againThe organizers look forward to going back to its home at the Montego Bay Spoils Complex as soon as renovations are completed.

We therefore look forward to the SDF for its support of the Western Relays in 2023 and beyond, so that Jamaica's finest human resources can be nurtured and developed, for the betterment of our country.

Ray Harvey
Meet Director / Western Relays

On behalf of the PSDO family, we thank you wholeheartedly for your kind support. Truly, we appreciate your contribution in making this event a worthwhile and memorable one for our disabled members.

We urge you to continue supporting this noble institution as we strive to improve the lives of person’s living with disabilities, making Portmore become disable friendly and a model for the Caribbean and the world at large.

As a result of your donation and support, PSDO have now list you as a stakeholder. We anticipate collaborating with you and your institution as we strive to fulfill the mandate of the disability ACT to protect the lives and wellbeing of all persons living with disabilities.

 May the new year bring happiness, opportunities, achievements, and a lot of new inspiration for you and your organization. Wishing you all the best in 2023 and more years to come.

Bridgette Johnson-Beckett
Founder/ President / Portmore Self-help Disability Organization

About the SDF

The Sports Development Foundation which commenced operations in 1995 was established as an independent body to contribute to the development of our nation through sports.

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